Aug 9, 2021

Monday August 9th ~

When a new day begins, dare to smile gratefully... 

Sniff is so happy.  He just can't seem to get enough 
of his dada.  He makes sure he's never too far from 
his dada.  I love to seeing them together like this.

Routines.  So very important sometimes. 
 For Arvid, for Sniff and even for me.  Keeps us happy.

Wishing everyone a week filled with positivity and better
 things to come.  Let's not forget that small positive changes
 to your morning routine can transform your entire day. 

Today I waited 2 hours trying to trap either Milo
 or Taina 😹.  No luck.  The both walked into the 
trap several times.  Ate everything then casually 
backed out.  Let's see what tomorrow holds.

Every new day begins with possibilities...