Aug 1, 2022

August 1st -

 What you're looking for is not out there, it is in you...

The start of a new month, and a new week at the same time. 
It’s been nine months since we left Puerto Rico, and eight 
months since we have been living in Branson.  It’s been a
 heck of a roller coaster, but as always we did well and as 
Arvid likes to say, “we came out smelling like a rose.”

Out of those eight months in Branson, Arvid had to 
go to Norway for a month.  A week after Arvid came back 
we had to take back Almost Home Lodge.  Let’s just say the
 keys were just left with a note saying, “call Nadiya.”

Three and a half months after taking over Almost Home
 we acquired some investors/partners.  Giving us free 
time; which was why we came to Branson.  To enjoy
 the quiet lifestyle.  We have it again and look forward 
to doing some of the things we said we would do.

Life sure is unpredictable, but you just give it your 
best shot come what may.  Today Arvid, Sniff and I are
 once more enjoying some relaxed times, discovering a
 few “new” places. Arvid loves anything Real Estate and
 each “new” place we discover seems to open up options
 to him.  Now he wants a house on the lake 😁

Of course at the time the idea is cool, but I do not want to move 
again.  I want one place to call home.  No one has moved more 
than Arvid and I.  Not fun anymore. Exhausting. This was home.  
I loved it and miss it.  We'll be back before winter hits.

If this were a “normal” summer Arvid and I would be
 in Norway.  Enjoying time with family.  So far nothing about 
these last few months has been “normal”  August.  We look
 forward to a few weekend trips. Exactly what we talked 
about when we choose to come back to Branson 🎶 

The weather is getting better. I enjoy my wildlife 
surroundings, at the same time I look forward to 
hopefully being in warmer climate this winter.

Wishing everyone a great month. My sister Nirmala, 
Victoria and my friend Anna all have birthdays in August.  
Just because of that, it is already a very good month.  
Happy birthday in advance to all three of you.

Remember a negative mind will never give
 you a positive live.  Focus on the good, for there
 is always something good in everyday.

Never take a single breath for granted. It's a privilege 
to be alive.  Train your mind to see good in everything...