Aug 26, 2022

Friday August 26th ~

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire...

Our outing to Lake of the Ozarks did not disappoint.  It was 
beautiful, one thing it did clear up for Arvid.  We cannot have
 a lake house there.  After the first day, there won't be much for 
us to do, that is unless we drank all day and sat in the sun.

From the minute we walked into our room we were smiling.  
It was beautiful and we had the exact view stated on the internet.  
What we didn't expect was for the place to be so ENORMOUS.

We saw three beautiful places.  All in the same day.  All of them 
on the lake and at each place Arvid was all excited about renting
 a cabin on the water and going back for another weekend. 

The first place we checked out was called paradise.  
Forever water/lake views.  The colors of the buildings reminded 
us of the Bahamas.  Beautiful pastel colors everywhere.  just beautiful.  
For a moment you forget you're in the mid west.  Feels as if
 you're transported to a Caribbean destination.

Water mesmerizes Arvid.  He's happiest when he can be close to it.

The second place we visited is called Coconuts.  Even 
more beautiful setting than Paradise.  During the pandemic
 thousands of people gathered here, and now I can see why.

Both pools belong to Coconuts.  This one below has a 
second floor with a DJ.  It is definitely a place one would 
go to party hard.  Lots of drinks, sunshine and water.

Coconuts is an absolute must next time.  Just the scenery is entertaining.

Arvid and I chose to stay at Margaritaville Lake Resort.  
For us this is the place of our choice.  Should we go back for a
 night or two most likely this is where we will end up again.

We've been to several Margaritaville's, this one definitely tops
them all.  It is HUMONGOUS.  Glad we didn't know beforehand
 because then Arvid may have not wanted to stay there.

Like most "hot spots," once the sun goes down the vibe/party picks up.
  Before you know it the place was packed.  The location is just excellent 🍹
  Surrounded by the lake and 2 beautiful pools. Everyone was having fun.

We had a very enjoyable day, and we were even happier 
as we were heading home.  Strange, but no matter how much
 we like a place, we look forward to coming home.

Home is where Sniff is and where we feel happiest always.

Good day to all and happy start of the weekend.  Enjoy.

Not all those who wander are lost...