Aug 20, 2022

Saturday August 20th ~

 Morning comes whether you set the alarm or not...

I'm awake even earlier than usual.  I really 
tried to stay in bed and go back to sleep, unfortunately
 for me, it did not work.  On the other hand, I am a morning 
person, just not this early.  It's going to be a long day 😂

It was a beautiful evening yesterday, of course we could not miss
 the opportunity to go to The Landing.  We took our partner with
 us and had a very good time.  Never a bad time at The Landing.

It really is the coolest spot in Branson, at least as far as Arvid and I
 are concerned.  Being close to the water, always so very relaxing.

Looking forward to a relaxing day at home.
  Soccer for Arvid and hopefully a nap for me.  
Good morning all and enjoy the weekend.

Today’s goals: Coffee and kindness. 
Maybe two coffees, and then kindness...