Aug 29, 2022

Monday August 29th ~

 Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game...

Seems like we are at Almost Home quite often.  Not bad at 
all especially when it's just for "social" visits or just to help 
out with something.  The other day I was there.  I just took a few
 things for one of the tenants, and did a little socializing with
 the new office manager.  No stress, just enjoyable.

Some days I miss not going in and being all the time at AH, but 
then I remember how exhausting those three and a half months were. 
 I don't think we ever had enough hours in the day to do all that
 we had to.  Today with partners/new owners it's a breeze.

I look back and I have to say that the best thing that could
 have happened was Tiffany and Chris taking off in the middle 
of the night from AH without telling anyone, and surrendering
 back the hotel to us.  Today it's better and with the new
 Chris running it, will be even better than before.

Our week is looking good.  Few trips to AH.  Things to 
do around the house which keeps Arvid happy and busy.
  As he says, "there is always something to do."  It's a 
good thing Home depot is not that far from us.

Sniff as always is slacking off.  Catching up on
 his 16 hour a day sleep.  I have a new book I'm reading
 so happy about that.  Looking like a good day.

Good morning everyone.  May this be a productive and 
happy week for us all.  May we all accomplish many if
 not all the things we set out to do.  Happy Monday.

Excited because I finally have a dental appointment
 on September 28th.  This took some time 
😍  I miss my regular cleanings.

Life imposes things on you that you can’t control,
 but you still have the choice of how you’re 
going to live through this...