Aug 2, 2022

Tuesday August 2nd ~

A goal without a plan is only a dream... 

And just like that August began.  There is no stopping 
it now either.  Like everything, once it begins it takes on a
 life of it's own. That being said, fall is around the corner, 
which means winter also will follow close behind.  

At my insistence, Arvid agreed to make his famous 
hot chocolate.  He says it's was not the right time, but 
I said whenever one feels like it, it is the right time.  
So he made it, and of course was happy he did.

I have always enjoyed the colors of fall, and here in
 Missouri it is exceptionally beautiful.  Looking forward
 to seeing the leaves change color and to hopefully 
not have to spend another winter here. Too cold.

 That's the plan, and now we have to work on achieving it.
  Like everything else, once you have a goal in mind, 
you do everything possible in order to achieve it.

If you don't know where you are going,
 you will probably end up somewhere else...