Aug 27, 2022

Saturday August 27th ~

 Courage doesn't always roar.. Sometimes it's the quiet voice at
 the end of the day whispering, "I will try again tomorrow."

I seem to be saying this way to often, but where did August go? 
 How did it go by so fast?  The last few days are on us, and just
 like that, we have already been in Branson for nine months.

My calendar for September is already filling up with things to do.
  Among those things is to have a haircut.  This time I scheduled in
 advance because the last time everyone was booked.  same as 
with doctors and the dentist.  I have no clue what is going on.

Today I plan to go for a little visit to AH. We have been busy 
so I have not been there last week.  Arvid seems to go
 more often these days than I do.  Strange but true.

Not much planned.  The day is filled with soccer for Arvid. 
 I have no idea if he even has a so called break from soccer today.  
Good time to get out a little and do something on my own.

To all a good day.  Whatever you do make it your masterpiece.

People are like books: some deceive you with
 their cover and others surprise you with their content....