Aug 21, 2022

Sundays ~

Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be...

Sunday morning, a little wet and a bit cooler.  Perfect start 
of the day.  Summer vacation is over for Lilly Vade also.  This 
little girl, no longer a little girl is soon starting high school.  Time goes
 by so very fast.  So happy I got to see them in April of this year.

Keeping up with al the birds is getting crazy.  There are too
 many black big birds eating all the foodies of my Daisy,
 Fatboy and the other little ones.  I keep chasing them
 away but it's constant.  It's not a chore 😂

The newest addition to our backyard "zoo" is a rabbit.  
I have seen her a few times, but she runs off too fast.  Yesterday 
she stayed eating the foodies I left for her.  Of course I
 managed to get her picture.  She's another cutie.

Relaxing day.  Soccer, Arvid's usually bacon and eggs 
every Sunday and Sniff continuing to be entertained by the
 birds as do I.  I also love watching our Gerald's eat.  Their 
mouths never stop moving. It's very entertaining to see.

Sniff is loving his view. It will be sad the day we have to 
go back home to Florida.  It is still nice and warm.  Perfect
 temperatures, but I know as soon as it starts to get cold we 
will be thinking of going home.  For now we enjoy Branson.

Your mind will answer most questions if
 you learn to relax and wait for the answer...