Aug 28, 2022

Sunday August 28th~

Time changes everything faster than we can keep track of...

Our niece Lilly Vade just started high school last week.  
Looking back I can't believe she's already a teenager 💗
 I keep saying to myself, "where did the years go by?"  I 
keep thinking of her as that little baby pictured below.

Below is Lilly Vade on her first day of kindergarten
 and on her first day of high school.  I don't see them that often.
  I just hope to make enough memories with them so that
 they can remember how much I love them all.

Yesterday was filled with soccer.  This time Arvid's 
team did really good.  So he was happy all day long.  
Truth is he's always happy.  But even more yesterday.

Today we relax, again.  More soccer.  I catch up on some 
housework, again.  Hope to also catch up on my reading and 
enjoy quiet times with Sniff and my wildlife gang.  There is a 
third Gerald aka groundhog that's been showing up for food.

Sniff has been having some busy days with the birds. 
The black birds keep coming and coming.  There is
even more of them than ever before.  It's getting more 
difficult to chase them away, but I keep trying😮.

.  In the meantime, my Daisys and Fatboys 🐦together with 
many more of the "good ones" also show up.  Overall it is always
 a good day here with so much to see.  Not bored at all 😂

Wishing everyone a good day.  Just remember,
 be happy for this moment in your life.

Happiness is when what you think, what you
 say, and what you do are in harmony...