Aug 6, 2022

🎶 Saturday August 6th 🎶

🎸 Today, take a minute and look back how far you 
have come.  No one can take that away from you🎸 ...

It has been a long time coming, but we are back in 
Memphis, Tennessee.  If you love the Blues like Arvid
 does, then we are definitely in the right place.  We love
 these short road trips.  Nott too long away from home, but
 enough to recharge your spirits, and brighten your day.
Where words fail music speaks, and we are listening.

Arvid and I have been here many times before, even so 
I love walking on Beale Street.  There is a little of everything, 
and you will always be surprised by the unexpected.  If you 
love the Blues then this is the right place for you 🎶🎸

With just a couple of days, one can't "waste" any time 😂

Sometimes in life you just have to go with the feel of the music.
  These are the times Arvid is at his happiest and most relaxed.

After silence, that which comes nearest 
to expressing the inexpressible is music...