Aug 24, 2022

Wednesday August 24th ~

 The biggest adventure you can ever
 take is to live the life of your dreams...

Arvid and I continue on our exploration of nearby places.
  Next stop will take us to Osage Beach which gained international
 notoriety during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic when on Memorial Day 
(May 25, 2020) a large crowd congregated at Lake of the Ozarks.

I have been looking forward to going to The Lake of the Ozarks 
for a very long time now.  Finally we will make it.  One thing more off
 the bucket list.  Both Arvid and I love the lakes in Missouri.  To the point 
where Arvid is debating if we should buy a house on the lake or not.

We have driven around quite a bit looking, and will do a little more 
of the same in the next couple of days.  Truth is, it is beautiful but it 
is also too far from Branson.  If we ever did go for a lake house 
it would be in Branson.  After all, it is where our hotel is.

Today we will be on a mini vacation.  Heading to Margaritaville on Lake 
of the Ozarks.  I am super excited to check it out and to see if it lives up to
 our expectations.  It sure looks beautiful in pictures.  Everything does 😂

The room we have should have a spectacular lake view. 
 That is what we were told and this is what the picture of 
"our" room should look like.  A room with a view.

Hopefully Arvid will not want to sit and contemplate 
the view all night long.  I want to explore and sample a
 little of The Ozarks.  Sniff is home alone today 💚

It is never too early to begin a bucket list, don't
 wait for that someday that may never come,,,