Jan 1, 2023

January 1st 2023 ~

 Sometimes true directions can only be found when people 
let the wind of change carry them to the places it decides...

Waking up to a foggy January 1st, 2023.  The fog 
should be clearing up in a couple of hours.  Sniff is sniffing 
the air around him.  He knows something is "new" 😂

Arvid and I went Downtown to watch the ball drop.
  Didn't make it until then.  I got tired and we came home.
  We had a drink at home and watched the celebrations on TV.

We encountered our favorite "lunatic" and he made for
 a good evening.  Everyone stopped to take his picture and 
could not help but smile.  To each their own.  I smile.

As 2023 begins, radiation treatments are all done for me.  That being said, 
I now begin to schedule a whole lot of doctors appointments.  Rechecking begins. 
 January is pretty open.  Just a few doctors appointments, but come February
 and March it begins all again.  But at least the cancer is under control.

Happy 2023 from our family to yours.  Every day is a chance 
to begin again. Don’t focus on the failures of yesterday, 
start today with positive thoughts and expectations.

There always comes a time when a person is sure that everything
 is finished. That’s exactly when the new beginning is being born...