Jan 30, 2023

Monday January 30th~

You keep bringing happiness into people’s 
lives—and onto their walls. 🤗 I love you!...

 Come tomorrow Florida will be an even better 
brighter place.  My sister Rima will be here for a few days, 
and all I can picture and hear is her laughter, smiles 
and best of all, the most positive attitude there is.

  She is a ray of sunshine in all our lives.  I love 
her 💛 and there is no more to say.  Of course she is also
 everyone's favorite baker, but while here there is NO 
baking.  She will be treated like the queen she is😂

She's my baby sister and no matter how old we get 
the bond between sisters just gets stronger.  I just wish they
 know how much joy they bring into my life.  Rima brings joy 
into everyone's life just by being who she is.  She's the cool
 sister and I just adore her.  I want to do so much with her.

Another amazing week begins and all I can say is 
"thank you"  I have everything I need and so much more.

Rima, you make the world a happier place.   You cheer me
 up no matter what my mood is. You have a way of seeing
 the good in all people, and it makes you a delightful person
 to be around. Your positive attitude is one of a kind.

Yesterday we spent time with my parents and then we all 
went to dinner.  Chicken wings is a favorite of everyone.  
Thank goodness for that.  As always they were delicious.

As the new week begins, I am super excited and happy
 to have my sisters visiting Fort Myers.  Unfortunately Mala 
was unable to make it.  Next time.  For now I am grateful and 
definitely looking forward to every moment we have together.

To all have a wonderful week and enjoy every minute of it.

Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic 
world simply by being there for each other...