Jan 11, 2023

Wednesday January 11th~

Death is the final wake up call... 

My sisters mother-in-law died peacefully on Sunday. 
 She has two sons.  One lives in the USA just like she did.  
The other son lives in Serbia.  They got the news five days before
 she died telling them she was in ICU and not expected to live long.  

Well the two sons just wanted to make it in time to hold her
 one more time and to be with her.  My brother-in-law left the 
very next day to be with his mom.  The son in Serbia did the same.  
Thankfully they both were there with her in her final days/hours.

Arvid and I got back late yesterday evening.  The drive back to
 Ft. Myers took almost 3 hours.  We were once again caught in traffic. 
 But we made it home to Sniff and everyone is happy.

Miami.. glad to visit, happier when we leave.  What a place. 
 Vibrant, alive, loud and full of everything that you want.  Two days
 was enough.  We had a good time walked everywhere, and it brought 
back memories of a time when this was my "norm"  Glad it no longer is.

The night life is outrageous.  I love it while there, but was 
also glad when we left.  My favorite was watching all the people. 
 Was the best show on earth.  There is a little of everything.

I love the art deco district, the buildings and the colors.
  Christmas lights were still on in many places.  Made for even more
 beautiful colors at night.  The Latin vibe is everywhere, and I loved it.
  Being in South Beach is like being in a whole different world.

I would not live in Miami, but an occasional visit is more than doable😂

Let the good times roll.  Life is an ongoing adventure.

Good morning everyone.  Here in Fort Myers we woke up to 45F (7C)
 while in Fort Lauderdale and Miami it is 12 degrees warmer 57F (14C)   The good 
thing is that it will warm up, but the next few days will be on the chilly side.

Live life to the fullest and focus on the positive...