Jan 21, 2023

Saturday January 21st ~

Once upon a memory someone wiped
 away a tear, held me close and loved me..

One year today since Arvid's mother, Molly Hvidsten died. 
 The year has gone by so very fast. For over 30 years Arvid has
called his mother every Sunday at exactly the same time, 🕗more
 or less.  No matter where we lived.  He still calls his daughters,
 and yes, though he does not talk much about it, it is difficult.  The 
other day he did tell my dad how strange it feels to not call her 😢. 

I am fortunate. I have my parents and everyday I am grateful 
for that.  I never take them for granted, and everyday I have
 with them here in Florida is a better day in my life.  I really 
hope that one day the move back to the Sunshine State.

The reality is that you will grieve forever. You will not
 ‘get over’ the loss of a loved one; you will learn to live with it.
 You will heal and you will rebuild yourself around the loss you
 have suffered. You will be whole again but you will never be the 
same. Nor should you be the same nor would you want to.

2019.  That was Arvid hugging his mom one last time as 
we were leaving Norway.  I remember Molly saying, "I don't know 
if I will ever see you again."  Pandemic came so in 2020 we didn't go to 
Norway, but Arvid made it there in 2021 and spent time with his mom.  
That was the last time he saw her.  She died January 21st, 2022

It takes strength to make your way through grief,
 to grab hold of life and let it pull you forward...