Jan 28, 2023

Saturday January 28th~

When reality and your dreams collide,
 typically it’s just your alarm clock going off... 

The so called cold spell never really came our way.  
Yes, it was cooler than we wanted but warmer that predicted 👏. 
 Overall a very good day, and made for a good outing yesterday 
with my parents.  Arvid had to take my dad for some "cold ones" 
at this funky little place we discovered at the Swap Shop.

The trip to the pub located in the Flea market was a total success. 
 Mom and I walked around a bit, but really didn't find anything
 we wanted.  We then headed to the bar where Arvid and my dad
 had already begun on cold ones.  We all had a good time.

I did not find any of my favorite fruit, but we did end 
up with some very sweet cherries.  Always a winner.

Driving around showing my mom and dad around a bit. 
 Always fun.  I love the stories my dad tells to Arvid and us
 of course, and I love the stories Arvid tells to my parents.  It 
transforms him into a different person altogether.  Together 
the 4 of us had a ton of laughter and so much to share.

Saturday.  Arvid has a ton of games scheduled for today. 
Hopefully he will stay awake to watch them because 😂
yesterday after quite a few cold ones with my dad he was 
not able to watch all of the game.  I blame it on the beer.

 A good day to all. In life the unexpected is the rule.  Expect it.

Always listen to experts. They’ll tell you
 what can’t be done, and why. Then do it..