Jan 16, 2023

Monday January 16th ~

Sometimes you just have to stop worrying about everything 
and just relax, breathe and have a little time for yourself...

 This bright yellow 1955 Oldsmobile Super 88 convertible
 parked in front of the Avalon Hotel in Miami Beach has the
 distinction of being one of the most photographed cars 
in America, enthralling locals and tourists alike. 

Miami Beach has the largest concentration of Art Deco 
architecture in the country, and the Avalon Hotel is among one of the
 most celebrated, with a storied history dating to its construction in 1941.

The hotel has also served as a backdrop for many films and photo
 shoots throughout the years, including Scarface, Miami Vice,
 Sidney Pollack's film Random Hearts and Bad Boys 3.

A walk along Ocean Drive in South Beach, and you will 
definitely come across this "landmark"  Like me, everyone was
 stopping and taking pictures of the car.  No matter how many 
times we go, I just can't seem to not take a picture of the car.

As Monday begins, I'm glad to be home.  Still another chilly 
day ahead but after that the week will begin to warm up.  Sniff is
still not liking the cold.  He gets a warm towel to cover up with.

Good morning everyone.  I just read this and thought I would share.  
It says:"Please don't judge people.  You don't know what it took someone 
to get out of bed, look and feel presentable as possible and face the day.  
You never truly know the daily struggles of others."  Be kind.

Be grateful for what you already have while you pursue your goals.
If you aren’t grateful for what you already have, what makes 
you think you would be happy with more...