Jan 4, 2023

Wednesday January 4th ~

To keep your balance, you must keep moving...

There was a time in our lives and I am not sure that
 time is over as yet where Arvid and I moved constantly.  We
 actually made money by moving every two years.  Not a lifestyle
 I would recommend, but at the time I didn't mind.  Now I do.  
New construction coming up.  What do we do? 

It really nice and warm, as in really warm.  Liking it.  Amazingly 
we have not had much rain since moving to Fort Myers, and I think
 the humidity has not been an issue at all.  Very beautiful days. 

 Sniff agrees with me.  he always finds his ray of sunshine. 
 No matter where we live his beds are always positioned so
 that he gets sunshine.  Sniff is always a priority for me.

The morning is already looking good.  For starters there 
is no fog in the horizon.  Sniff has been brushed to the tunes 
of Cocomelon.  His favorite is Mary had a Little Lamb 🐑

Whatever attitude we bring into a situation will be multiplied...