Jan 10, 2023

Tuesday January 10th ~

 Life is full of adventure.  There is no such thing as a clear pathway...

The days just went by so very fast, but it was nice to getaway for a little.  
Miami has and always will be one of my favorite places to be.  As I mentioned 
before, when I had the opportunity to live in Miami Beach I enjoyed every moment. 
 I loved the "crazies" in South Beach and still do.  I'm drawn to the "weird"

A few "errands" before we go back home.  Definitely have
 to make a stop at the Swap Shop and stock up on my coconuts and my 
favorite fruits that I can't find in Publix.  Very excited for this.

Can't wait to get home to Sniff.  I have missed him
 very much.   After all, he's mama's baby.  I love our Sniff.

Life is better with Sniff.  Dogs believe 
they are human. Cats believe they are God...