Jan 18, 2023

Wednesday January 18th ~

 Enjoy the journey.  Fill your time with the things you love...

Mom and I had a little outing yesterday.  My dad stayed 
in as did Arvid.  It's always good to have time alone with her.  
Florida suits them so very much.  The weather brightened 
up her spirits and what a change from one day to another.  

It has warmed up beautifully and now even more I see the 
draw Florida has on people.  Especially during the winter. 
 The skies were blue and clear with palm trees everywhere 
swaying.  Mom and dad need to move back to Florida.

I've tried to ignore this discomfort.  Nights are not so good.
  My headache begins around 6 in the evening, and it's really bad. 
 Lasts for a few hours.  Then it's back in the morning for a few hours.  
Then I have really bad joint and bone pain.  Mostly at nights.
  Supposedly a side effect from the cancer pill. It's just five 
years to go.  Hopefully not longer.  I will get used to it.

 My breast hurts most at nights especially when I lay in bed
 and last night I had the most excruciating burning sensation.  I know
 it will go away and that everything takes time.  I know that.

It's going to be another beautiful day here.  Looking forward to us 
showing them a little of Fort Myers today.  Arvid is the perfect host.  
More so that I am many a times.  I can be impatient, but he's always 
patient.  Arvid is a good man and my family loves him very much.

Sniff is once again happy.  Basking in the sun most of the day.  
Arvid continues to keep watch of what's going on.

If there is no struggle, there is no progress...