Jan 7, 2023

Saturday January 7th~

 Friends are those rare people who ask how 
we are and then wait to hear the answer...

Yesterday we met up with friends for lunch.  In a place called
 Englewood, about and hour and fifteen minutes from us.  We have
 known them since living in Fort Lauderdale, a little over 20 years
 I believe.  As we both agree, always a very nice time with friends.

We had lunch at a very cute place on the water.  Another place
 to go back to.  Arvid is most happy when sitting out and being
 able to enjoy the water views and the boats.  I do like it also.

Last night we also had the monthly Art Walk.  Of course 
we went, after all Friday nights is when we have a slice of pizza.  
I look forward to that all week long.  Never ever disappoints.
Downtown Fort Myers is truly beautiful.  We are loving it.

It's been one week now since I finished radiation therapy.  
I cannot complain at all.  So far  🙏none of the side effects the 
doctor mentioned (blisters, skin peeling off) has shown up. 

 Yes, it does hurt at random times depending on what I do. 
 I try to remember not to use the left arm too much.  The tiredness
 is weird, I can be all right all day long and suddenly just like that
 I am totally exhausted.  What I dislike are the headaches.
 They last all day long.  The last one was two days non stop.  
Today it's much better and I am so happy about that.

I am really very fortunate in all of this.  These last few days 
I have been scheduling doctors appointments.  This takes quite some
 time because I am always on bold.  The last one kept me on hold for
 over 45 minutes.  Patience is NOT my strong point, but I waited.

Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal...