Apr 26, 2024

Life with Sniff πŸ’œ Thursday April 26th

Do today what should be done.
 Your tomorrow may never come...

Everyday with Sniff is a beautiful day.  He is one of
 the most affectionate kitty we have had.  He may not 
like being picked up, but as soon as you are seated he
 comes to be with you.  Sniff loves being close to us. 

He follows Arvid everywhere.  Together they
 hangout in the balcony  and watch boats and
 birds go by.  They understand each other.

Brutus used to wait for Arvid to pet him before
 he ate his foodies, now Sniff is doing exactly the same.  
Cute to see, but not a good thing in the long run.  Of course
I worry about when we are not home what will happen.

Today if all goes well Arvid and I plan on heading 
to Fort Myers Beach for lunch.  Planning on going to 
Matanzas on the Bay.  Hopefully nothing unexpected shows 
up and spoil our plans.  The way thigs have been going..

Demolition of the marina continues in full swing.  As
 Arvid says, "so much to see right now"  Keeps him/us busy. 
 Every so often we peek out the bedroom window or the 
just take time "off" in the balcony to watch the work.

Progress is what pushes you forward 
towards your ultimate destination. It advances 
you closer and closer towards your goals...