Apr 17, 2024

Wednesday April 17th ~

 Never regret anything that made you smile...

More from these two from yesterday.  Neither seemed 
to care about the game on TV.  Arvid was busy in his world 
of google and Sniff was happy to be sleeping on freshly
 washed laundry.  Sniff loves his ratty looking blankies.
  No matter how many times I try to throw them
 away, I keep saving them.  I just can't do it.

Sniff got a new plaything from Chewy yesterday.  
It didn't take him long to check it out and hang out a bit in it.  
As with most cats, Sniff is very cautious with anything new.

He checked it out a little then got bored with it, 
but at least I know he's not scared of it.

In just under six days our Sniff will turn nine years old.
  Our Brutus only lived to be nine.  I pray every day that our 
Sniff is with us for always.  He's healthy and he's loved.
Happy very early birthday wishes to our Sniff.

I have been lucky and happy that I get to feed a
 few wildlife friends here in Fort Myers.  Always 
makes for even better more enjoyable walks.

Every time Arvid wears his hat Sniff sorts of freaks out. 
 According to Arvid, "he knows we are heading out."  Sniff
 then gets extra pets and comforting words from his dada.

A good day to all.  Below is a Fort Myers
 sunset taken by me on one of our walks.

The secret to being happy is to find peace where you 
are even if you’re not yet where you want to be...