Apr 20, 2024

Sunday April 14th~ (Late Post)

Some people have lives; some people have music.
   Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, 
flight to the imagination, and life to everything...

I was supposed to post this on Sunday April 14th.  
Got caught up with stuff and just noticed it.
  Here it goes, a little late but still accurate.

 The annual Tampa Bay Blues Festival returns to 
Vinoy Park on the waterfront for three days, and Arvid
 and I will be right there.  We won't be doing all 3 days 
because it's way too hot to be in the sun all day long.  

Years ago we would go for all three days.  We would
 come back home all crisp and sunburnt.  Especially Arvid. 
 He's just too white after all.  No matter how much protection 
we had against the sun, it was just too hot for so many days.

All of that being said, both Arvid and I are looking forward 
very much to the festival today.  It will be hot most of the day,
 but at night it sure gets cold.  We get a taste of it all, and best of 
all there is the music and the beautiful surroundings around us.

  It's a universal language that anyone can understand. 
It has the power to change lives. It's not a requirement to
 be able to play an instrument to appreciate it. Music 
is the ultimate gift, both to give and receive...