Apr 11, 2024

Thursday April 11thth~

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication...

Some days are just even better than others.  

Yesterday we had a very good time at Fort Myers Beach.  
It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny.  We also enjoyed 
lunch by the water.  It was peaceful and very relaxing.

Arvid and I are simple people.  We usually eat the same 
thing all the time, and every time I say I will try something 
different, but when you go to one place you know what 
you like to eat and drink and we order the same.

Today it's a little cloudy with a chance of rain.  Arvid and
 I have a huge job categorizing all the "goodies" we traded for. 
 Arvid has already started opening and peeking into the boxes.
  Today we work together and hopefully get much more done.

As I grow older, I pay less attention to what 
men say.  I simply watch what they do....