Apr 20, 2024

Saturday April 20th~

Taurus motto Don't talk, act! Don't say, 
show! Don't promise, prove!

 There is a saying about those born under the sign of Taurus. 
 Goes like this: Never ever start a fight, but when the time
 comes, always stand up for yourself, Always finish it.
Our Sniff was born under this sign, as is Arvid 💙

Both boys celebrate their birthdays on the same day.  
Could not be any better than that.  My two favorite guys🎉
born under the sign of Taurus.  Taurus knows how to have a 
good time, so they are fun and always-up-for-it company.

Birthday for these two same day next week.  Lucky me.

This was from our Reggae trip the other night.

Arvid and I continue to enjoy life in Fort Myers, and
 everyday we find more reasons to love where we live.

To all a very good day.   Always remember 
to enjoy your life – to be happy. 

It’s no use going back to yesterday, 
because I was a different person then...