Apr 8, 2024

Monday April 8th~

If you learn something new every day, 
you can teach something new every day...

 Once again a new week is upon us.  Our week is looking
 pretty interesting.  Arvid and I will be taking a peek at all those
 items in the boxes we traded for.  Yup, we have no idea what
 was in the boxes.  Arvid lives for the trade so now as he says,
 "we're going to be so busy."  And that is always good.

We had a very good time out yesterday.  It is always
 good when we can be dining outdoors especially when I 
hear from families how cold it is.  Many are still having 
"bad" weather.  In Florida it is sunny and warm.

Back in 2017 Arvid and I were in Branson where I saw the 
solar eclipse with many of the tenants of Almost Home.  It was
 a fun experience.  Here in Florida it will not be as good as it was
 in Missouri, but if we're lucky we can see shadows on the ground.

If you get the chance to see the solar eclipse, enjoy it.
  Will be on the look out hopefully will see something.  
Wishing everyone a good day and a great week ahead.

I just want to be better every day, to get better 
every day, not to be better than anyone else...