Apr 25, 2024

Thursday April 25th~

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace
 for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow...

My "last" outside view before going to bed.  Of 
course that is if Arvid did not close the blinds πŸ˜‚

Mornings on the balcony.  For Sniff it always begins as an
 adventure.  At first he's dubious if he wants to go out.  Then 
he gets brave and does go out, after that he never wants to come 
back in.  We sometime have to trick him into coming back in.

It's the same everyday, but even so, Sniff knows
 exactly what time Arvid goes out and he patiently 
waits until we are done with breakfast and the
 door to the outside world opens up for him.

For Arvid it also means he/we can check out the
 work in progress.  The demolition crew working to rebuild 
the marina next to us is busy.  This was last Thursday.

Today the building is on it's way down and we and all the 
neighbors could not be any happier.  Progress is finally coming
 almost 19 months after Hurricane Ian hit Fort Myers.

Never has the site of debris/trash been so welcoming.

Another beautiful day awaits us.  Another recheck awaits me.  
Definitely life has and is good to us.  Hope you can all see the 
beauty all around you and be grateful for each new day.

Acknowledging the good that you already have in 
your life is the foundation for all abundance...