Apr 12, 2024

Friday April 12th~

Happiness is seeing life for
 what it is in all the little moments...

 Sniff is not ready to face the day.  Says it's a little 
too early.  He's already had his breakfast and his brushing.  
Time for another nap.  Can never have too many naps.

Yesterday Arvid and I opened up quite a few boxes.  This 
will not be as easy as first thought.  There are over 200
 boxes and we didn't get close to looking into most of them.  
We did a little reorganizing.  Again.  Got our workout in 😊

Yesterday I saw a picture shared by Heather Ann on
 Facebook of what the pier in Fort Myers Beach looked like
 before Hurricane Ian.  We all hope that one day it is rebuilt.

We have no definite plans yet for the day, depending on the 
weather we may or may not go for a little stroll downtown.
To all a very happy Friday and happy weekend ahead.

She wore a smile like a loaded gun...