Apr 18, 2024

Thursday April 18th~

At every phase in our life, we make memories that we
 cherish all our lives.  Some memories are realities, and are
 better than anything that can ever happen to one again...

 There is this thing about Facebook that once 
posted it always come up as a reminder the following 
year and years to come.  A friend of mine posted this 
years ago and the other day it popped up again. 
 NYC EMS, one of the best times in my life. 

 I loved every minute of that job.  What made it 
even better were my partners.  One being Tracy Allen 
 pictured above, and who died many years ago, and the
 other being Jennifer G pictured below.  To this day we 
laugh about all the crazy stuff we saw and we did.

Last night as we were watching TV, Sniff was 
sleeping between my legs and without thinking I said,
 "you did it Brutus, you did it."  I corrected myself real fast, but
 I just could not help the tears that followed.  In that moment 
I missed our Brutus so so much,  and how I love our Sniff.  

Our Sniff is one more day closer to being nine years old. 

 Yesterday evening our condo hosted what they 
called a swing fling.  It was music from the 60’s, 
70’s and 80’s by the pool.  Many were dancing to the 
tunes under a sunset sky.  The evening was beautiful.
 Arvid and I made an appearance for about an hour  

There was finger food which of course we 
didn’t try.  Arvid and I rarely eat anything that
 hundreds of people flock over. Also, we rarely
 do anything sponsored by the condo.  Not only
 here but in any of the ones we lived before. 

Whenever the condos we lived in before had a
 gathering, Arvid and I would take that as the perfect
 time for a mini getaway.  I guess you can say we are
 not very social when it comes to certain things.

There was a time I would have considered
 myself very social, but little by little being with
 someone who isn’t rubs off on you 🤨. No complaints,
 when I am alone I am social. When with Arvid I
 am reserved.  I have no problem with that. 

It's a beautiful day in our neighborhood.  We hear
 men at work.  Hopefully Legacy Marina which is right 
next to us will one day be developed again,  Hurricane Ian 
destroyed it in September of 2022.  Time for something new.

I cherish my entire life. I've been blessed 
with a life full of good memories.  Take care of all 
your memories. For you cannot relive them.