Mar 31, 2012

Perfect Saturday....

Rules should always be bent, if not broken. It's the only way to have any fun...

It has been a fun and wonderful day so far.  Out a bit late last night so today was a lazy start, but once we got going things picked up a bit.  After breakfast, there was some playtime with Brutus a little chore around the house and then to the mall we went.

My birthday is coming up and Arvid asks what I would like.  Truthfully, I don't need anything, but I

told him I would like a handbag from Louis Vuitton.  For sure he does not knows the difference between Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Cole Haan, Coach, you get the idea, but being Arvid he say "sure."  He's happy because now he has something in mind and does not have to spend time thinking what I would like.  I prefer to guide him when it comes to buying me anything.  I don't need a handbag, but what girl does not want one more?

So we go to Nieman and Marcus looking for my LV handbag.  Well we found it.  I asked Arvid what he thought it costs?  He said "maybe $600?"  I said close $1600.  He was "that's not even close"  Now he's worried that I might actually want this handbag and then he would have to buy it for me.  Fortunately I did not like the shoulder straps.  They fall off all the time.  To smooth me over he says why don't you get a Coach one instead?  They look exactly the same. 

have a great day!
Anyway, we walk around the mall.  I get a few things from Macy's compliments of Arvid (and these do not qualify as my birthday presents).  We also get him a few items as well.

To be fair, I decided to treat him to lunch at PF Chang's a favorite of his in the last few years.  I have always liked this restaurant, but convincing him was difficult in the beginning.  Now it's his favorite.

Back home it rained like crazy.  Good because the car needed a good rinse.  Too much dust on it lately.  We found Brutus hiding.  Arvid finally got him out and now it's the three of us having a quiet evening home on a Saturday.  I Love It!  Have a great day all!

We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything, than when we are at play...

No, I'm not being immature, I'm having fun. You should try it....