Feb 7, 2013


Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero...
A brother shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams...  

I have sisters.  Four of them with me we are five.   Mom and dad never had a son.  Not that it mattered we always had a dog and my dad always said that was his son.  

I never missed not having a brother because we were happy with just us girls.  Sisters rock and we were the best.  I am the eldest and I took care of the others when our parents could not.  That was just how it was.

Then I met Arvid.  He has no sisters.  All he has is one brother.  Through the years, I have seen their relationship blossom into something really special.

Like many siblings, they also had a period when not everything was honky dory, but when I came into Arvid's life I always encouraged him to reestablish that special bond that only brothers and sisters can share.

The more I met Arvid's brother the more I liked him.  In many ways he reminded me of my dad.  Happy, generous and very hospitable.
Arvid and his brother have a wonderful relationship today.  There are times we talk and talk and he will tell me of days long ago in Norway with him and his brother. 

this is Arvid "hiding behind the post as his brother and Siv arrive last night.

Today I would say they are not only brothers, but also good friends.
Arvid is not one to discuss much with everyone.  He does at times though ask my dad and his brother their opinions on certain matters.  His brother and girlfriend are here to visit us.  I know Arvid is very happy for this visit.  He said that this was the visit he was most looking forward to.

We are just planning on the many things we would like to do together.  Restaurants, pubs and all the things Arvid wants to show to his brother.  Yes he is excited and I know that he is really looking forward to his brothers visit.  Arvid is after all the big brother....

It was nice growing up with someone like you - someone to lean on, someone to count on... someone to tell on!