Feb 8, 2013


Life is like a roller coaster, live it, be happy, enjoy life...

Arvid's brother and Siv have only a few day here in Florida with us and we are hoping to make everyday count by spending time and doing something different everyday. Their time is very short here so we hope to make the most of it.  Normally when in Norway life is very hectic and Arvid's brother is very busy with work, making it difficult to spend as much time with them.  So here in Florida we try to do just that.

  Wednesday night they arrived and the first stop was dinner with some music and then a drive along Fort Lauderdale Beach.  Always a beautiful drive, but spectacular at night as you can see on the above picture.

From there we went to the hotel chatted a little and left them to get some much need rest.  
Yesterday we met again by their hotel, which by the way has a spectacular beach.  White sand, quiet and incredibly beautiful to just sit relax, talk and enjoy a cold drink which we did.

We took our time and had a wonderful afternoon/day together.  Then it was another drive along the beach.  Quite different views by day and night so we had to take them around a bit and do the tour thing again.
After that it was back to the beach at Arubas.  Hmmm...frozen fruity drink with the umbrella thing.

Like I said this is a busy month with friends and family.  
Aside from Arvid's brother quite a few friends and also Victoria the eldest daughter will soon be visiting.  She will be here for quite a long time compared to his brother so them we will also get to see quite a lot..  This is also something we look forward to.  
 family time
Yes February is a good month..
Life is good and we are living it!  Hope you do the same.  

When you look at your life, the greatest happiness's are family happiness's.