Dec 19, 2014

A Very Good Day...

The year you were born marks only your entry into the world. 
Other years where you prove your worth, they are the ones worth celebrating...

Countdown to Christmas day has now really taken an intense life.  For our families in Norway,
according to Victoria, Christmas is one very busy season.  She has everyday from the 22nd
to the 28th booked with some big activity.  As she said to me, "I'm very excited, but
also when the 28th comes it will also be nice because we can then get some rest."

    That is for at least a couple of days before the New Years festivities begin.

For a few years now Victoria and Michael have always had a huge party at their home on
December 27th with big Christmas themes and prizes for best costumes.  When the party begins
who knows when it will end.  Something similar to my culture.  There is never
 a so called set ending to the evening until the last person is technically
"incapacitated."  Check out her pictures from previous parties.

It is also a very good day for kids here in the US today marks the last day of school. Yes!
Christmas vacation begins and what a better way to welcome it by this big smile on Lilly's
face.  Lilly is one very happy little girl.  I have never not seen her smiling.  She
makes everyday a good day.  Love her to pieces.  I look into her eyes
 and my heart melts.  I know all is good in my world.

This is the time also when parents dress up their show off their little ones in Santa's
outfits.  They are just too adorable as you can see.  Aleah our grand-daughter is all smiles
as is Isabel, the daughter of another friend living in Norway.  They just love the magic of Christmas.

To all a very good weekend.  Ours is looking pretty interesting as of right now.  May the
wonder of the Christmas Season forever be a part of your lives.  It is after all the


Enjoy the weekend with the ones you love. As the holiday season approaches,
 may your home be filled with lots of love,  laughter and yummy smells!!...