Feb 3, 2018

Saturday ~

Always remember that your present situation is not 
your final destination.  The best is yet to come...

It's been a very busy week in more ways than one.  Some very tense 
moments, but at least for now everything is back to being OK.

Here at home all is good.  Sniff is a happy camper and he is just getting 
cuter by the day.  Sniffs my boy and I love him to pieces.

My sister Mala and family just added a new member to their family. 
Everyone meet Rio.  Rio is a Golden retriever and he is 8 weeks old. 
 Needless to say they all all in in love with the little dude.  Just look
 at that face, and tell me if you can resist so much cuteness.

Back in Florida i rarely ate red meat.  Here in Branson I have eaten more 
red meat that I have in my entire life, weirdest thing is that I enjoy it a lot.
  Just this week we have been out to 2 different steak restaurants,
 and yes both times I have had the steak.  My favorite is
 the NY Strip.  Arvid's favorite for a while now as well.

This week has worn us us.  Mostly mentally and emotionally, but seems like 
we are back on track towards "normalcy"  Hopefully this will be the case.  Work is 
fine. Almost home is running smoothly, Tiffany, Chris and the boys are a pleasure 
to have around and everyone at Almost Home is like family, so all good there.

To all a happy day.  I'm sure everyone is super ready for Super Bowl tomorrow.

As you start and end your day,be thankful for every little thing in your life.
One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day...