Feb 19, 2018

The Weekend ~

A good life is a collection of happy moments...

The weekend was spent with my family in Tampa, Florida.  Short visit,
 but boy was it good.  We got in on Friday and went straight to my sister and
 brother-in-law's home.  They are still in the moving in process.  They just
 bought a home in Tampa.  All we can saw is AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS!

They are very private and prefer not to have pictures posted, but I don't
 think a picture of the little lake behind their house is too much of an
 invasion. In the mornings the sunrises are just stunning on the lake.

The few mornings we were there I of course captured the sunrise and the fog.
The temperature was on the cooler side, which my sister and I enjoyed.

On Friday we took them all out to dinner.  Arvid is now a fan of Latin
 food so we tried a Puerto Rican restaurant.  Food was delicious,
 drinks were awesome, and believe it or not everyone of us
 had dessert.  This is unusual, but it was so good.

Both Arvid and I have enjoyed seeing our families, but now we
 are a little tired.  Tired from running from one place to another.  As he 
told Tiffany yesterday, "we are so ready to come back home to Branson. 
 It's more work here in Florida than it is running the hotels in Branson."

Yes, I am so ready to go home.  This "vacation" has worn us out
completely.  We have not had a single moment where we have not been 
running around doing this or that, be it working on something or visiting
 with family.  I enjoy all the family, but now it's time to go home to relaxation.

On our way home from Tampa we also made a stop in Sanford. 
 We had to put some for sale by owner signs on a few of our lots.  A very 
interesting weekend over all.  We even had time to go to the mall and 
do some shopping, but now it's nice to be back in the apartment 
and have some "quiet" times for the next few days.  

Hope everyone has had a great weekend.  I am already missing my parents
 and sister.  At the same time I look forward to the next time we will be seeing them.

Here is to the start of a new week.  My mind is in Branson 
and the hotel.  All is running good with Tiffany and Chris, but being 
me I feel the need to be there.  Happy Monday to all and may this 
week fly by.  It seems we have been here for a month already.  
Looking forward to being home soon with Sniff.

May your troubles be less and your blessings be more,
and nothing but happiness comes through your door.
New day, new week, new possibilities...