May 5, 2018

Happy Saturday ~

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts...

Waking up in our own bed.  Nothing better.  Saturday is looking
pretty amazing.  Sun is shining.  It's warm and Sniff is napping close to me.

If you celebrate Cinco de Mayo, have a great time.  Long time ago
 Arvid and I went to one of the celebrations held n Miami.  Way too 
many people, but I did find a few food items that I like.

Going to be a pretty quiet day at home.  After being gone
 for a few days it's nice to just eat at home and not have to be
 socializing all day long.  Who would have thought that we
 would do this much socializing?  For sure I won't have.

  In Kentucky there were lots of "after" partys/gatherings. 
 Lately we have been doing a lot of what we never really did before.  
Not so bad after all. Being in Branson changed us quite a lot.

To all a good day.  Follow your heart, and listen when it speaks to you.

Let a series of happy thoughts run through
 your mind.  They will show on your face...