May 6, 2018

Lazy Sunday At Home ~

Small changes eventually add up to huge results.
The happiest people don't have the best of everything, 
they just make the best of everything...

No matter where we go, heading back home is always
 the best. We have had a very good time in Kentucky.  Arvid 
was doing what he loves to do and I had a few days to do a 
few of the things I also enjoy.  We were both happy

In my case it was going to a few malls.  What made it even
 better was that I had a purpose in mind.  I am on the hunt for
 a dress for Michelle's wedding this summer in Norway,
and also had to hunt for clothes for the Kentucky Derby.
 We both had to spiff up our attire.

Who would have thought that when you actually need to buy 
something, you want to buy something, that it would be this difficult.  
Needless to say the hunt for that special occasion
dress for Michelle's wedding continues.

We have been gone for almost the entire work week from 
Almost Home.  Never would I have thought this possible, but with 
Chris and Tiffany, we are completely at ease and are able to relax when we

 take off.  Since they have been with us, 
we have taken off quite a bit.

Little by little we are back to doing what we did before 
owning the hotels. We have managed to get our lives back on
 track, a little at a time, but a very good start.  Could not have
 been possible had it not been for Chris and Tiffany.

That being said it's good to be home again. 
Sniff is always waiting,  and I am
 always wanting to see him and pick
 him up and cover him with kisses,
(he still is  not too crazy about it).

To all a very good day.  Nothing like a lazy relaxing Sunday at home.

If you love what you do it's the best way to relax...