Jul 14, 2018

Life Is To Be Lived ~

Life is made up of special moments which make it worth living.  
There are many cherished moments that are missed due to the
stress and fast pace of daily living.  We must slow down and
 remember how precious it is to be alive and to be loved....

 It has been extremely hot in Norway, and the fact 
that there is no air conditioning in most places have
 made the nights and days pretty much unbearable.  

Yesterday evening for a change we had some colder air 
while sitting on the balcony.  Arvid’s mom, Molly has an 
amazing view and it was quite enjoyable to just sit there watch
 the boats go by and enjoy a cup of coffee.  While she 
and Arvid spoke I read and enjoyed the view.  

We had a good time the other day with the 2 granddaughters.  
We had them for a couple of hours in the park.  As all 
little kids do, they have a limitless amount of energy.  

Both Arvid and I were tired but content.  It’s good to see them, 
be with them and enjoy time with them.  Even if we are worn 
out we also find in us lots of energy to keep up with them.

Arvid’s mom who we were told was not doing so good 
is actually doing very good.  As Arvid said, “ she’s
 doing much much better than we expected” 

 She sees better than we do and she hears pretty good.  
For a 90 year old woman she is very fortunate because she’s 
much better off than many 10-20 years younger 
than she is.  This makes us happy. 

 Another sign that she’s is great health is her appetite.  
As Arvid said to her, “ you sure have a healthy appetite.  
You eat all day long.”  These are all good signs.  Molly is
 still strong and healthy.  Good news all around.

As for me, I miss our Sniff.  I have not started yearning
 to go home as yet.  When Brutus was alive I wanted 
to go home the very next day.   I know Sniff is healthy
 and well cared for.  I’m a little more relaxed.

I do look forward every morning to hearing
 from his pet sitter and getting a picture of Sniff.  He is
 a good good kitty and I love him so.  My mom also gets 
updates about Sniff.  He's covered by all f us.

Just talked to my mom for the longest of times and I 
miss her-very much.  Also miss taking to my sisters, 
but fortunately I can call them anytime I like.  Thank 
goodness for international cell phone plans.

We are staying with Arvid’s mom as I mentioned before.
  Not bad, but I would much rather stay on our own.  
I miss having a little alone time with Arvid.  

We have gone out to Fishland and as always that as 
he says is one of the the best of times.  As always he meets friends
 from his childhood days.  They catch up on each other’s life.  
So really we have not gotten much alone time as yet.

When in Branson, the week goes by so very fast. 
  Norway is beautiful.  I enjoy spending time with the 
2 little ones, Michelle, Emil, Molly, Victoria and
 Michael.  Had it not been for them Norway
 would hold no attraction to me.  

We went to Victoria and Michael's.  As usual this was one 
of the highlights of the trip.  We had delicious food, 
spent time in good company and had a very good
 time with them.  Yes. One of my favorite 
times in Norway is at their home.

Victoria and Michael never disappoint.  Victoria 
is glamorous in every aspect of her life.  The 
minute you walk into their home everything is
 perfectly arranged and everything matches. 

 I have never seen anyone anywhere set a table the way she does. 
 Every single detail is accounted for.  Sometimes it feels
 wrong to eat and ruin such a perfect table setting.  
Of course the food never disappoints either. 
 Needless to say, we had an amazing time and
 a delicious meal.  We always do.

It has been another good day, and yes it's another day 
closer to going home to Sniff as well. I miss the little dude 
and his meows.  Mama loves you Sniff Sniff.

It’s all about the little moments 
that make life a big adventure...