Nov 8, 2018

A New Day Begins ~

I've had a blessed life. I've pulled back from trying
 to control my destiny and gone back to accepting whatever 
fate has in store for me. I live for today because 
I don't know what'll happen tomorrow...

Everyday Arvid says to me,
"we now are going to really enjoy our lives."

He says, "we will be taking it easy, relaxing,
 and taking time to enjoy all the things we like."

If that includes having a Pina Colada at random times, then I am happy.
Sniff is doing great.  Though he does not like being picked up we still try.

I woke up to a beautiful day, and I plan to make the most of it.

Hello everyone, remember learn from yesterday,
live for today, and always hope for tomorrow.

There is no perfect condition so now is the perfect time
 and today is the perfect day to take action...