Aug 26, 2019

Monday Begins ~

Life is short, and if we enjoy every moment of 
every day, then we will be happy no matter what 
happens or what changes along the way...

We walk this way pretty often.  Michigan Avenue. 
 We walk by beautiful building, the lake and interesting 
people all day long, but now every time I walk this
 way a smile comes to my lips.  This is where 2
 very special people stayed not so long ago.

Tucked in the center of all these beautiful
 buildings is London House.  I will always think 
of Victoria and Michael when I see this building.
  What an extremely beautiful time we had.

Life is made up of beautiful moments, and
one of these will always be here in Chicago.

A new week begins.  Looking like fall today so
most likely will be mostly an indoors kind of day with
a little outing to the hot tub later today.  Good day
 to cozy up and catch up on my reading.

Wishing everyone a happy start of the week. 
Always remember to focus on the positive.

Enjoy small moments as they come. 
At the end, That's what makes life worthwhile...