Aug 16, 2019

Friday Vibes ~

 I think people who don’t have conflict in
 their lives are just trying to please people 
and not really living life to the fullest...

Coming this weekend we have the Air and Water Show.

The Chicago Air and Water Show returns to
North Avenue Beach on August 17th.  It runs from
10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on August 17th and 18th. 

Admission is free to the 2 million audience members 
that attend each year.  Of course they have been practicing 
the last 2 days, and I just happen to get a picture. 
 Way too fast for me.  Hopefully tomorrow
 I will do better from our balcony.

Security right now is pretty tight.  Police helicopter 
are flying around constantly, and guess who is there to 
get a picture.  That would be me.  Sniff is a little scared 
of the loud noises from the planes, but Arvid keeps talking
 to him so hopefully by tomorrow he will be less scared.

Our walks takes us always to pretty places.  
Wishing everyone a good day.  It's the start of 
the weekend.  Let's see what we can do 
about that.  Happy Friday all.

Are you someone who watches life, 
or someone who participates...