Sep 24, 2019

Another Day To Be Thankful For ~

Life offers you so many doors, it is up to you
which to open and which one to close...

I have been a wake since 4 A.M.  Not happy about that, 
but to make the most of the day I did go down to the
 laundry room and did 6 loads of laundry.  In less than 
2 hours I was done.  Arvid and Sniff are still asleep. 
 Nothing disturbs their sleep.  How cool is that!

The days will be winding down fairly fast now.  
We have done everything we wanted to do.  Only thing 
left on our list is to go one more time to Smith and Wollensky
 for dinner.  We really like it there.  The food, the views everything.

Arvid of course has gotten Danielle hooked on a 
few of his TV shows.  All our Fall shows have begun.
  As Arvid likes to say, "our evenings are fully booked."

It's looking to be another very beautiful day here.  Fall has 
begun, but here the temperatures are still nice and warm.

Sniff is being extra cuddly with us.  He still 
does not like being picked up much, but he 
loves to lay very close to us.  I love it.

Wishing everyone a happy Tuesday.  Suddenly I feel 
like I should go back to bed, but I know I won't.  Good 
morning all.  Remember to keep your face always toward
 the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you

Write it on your heart that every 
day is the best day in the year...