Jul 9, 2020

Hot Thursday ~ July 9th

Did the hole in the ozone layer just get bombed?...

It is too hot to be out on the balcony right now,  
even so people are still out enjoying the great outdoors.
  Always good to see happy people around 😺.

Rain, lightning, thunder or scorching heat, 
nothing stops the boaters from enjoying life ⛵.  
That's how it should be.  Life is made to be lived.

Today is our nephew J's birthday.  We had a good 
time chatting with him.  Somehow Arvid ended up 
talking more to him than I did.  Hmmm. but it was good. 
 He promised to visit us soon, and we are happy for that. 
 J right now is in Puerto Rico for his birthday 🎂

One of the highlights of our day was takeout.  Pizza. 
Arvid orders from Papa John's and I have found a spot 
I love.  Vito's.  All of us happy, even Sniff Sniff.

Lots of soccer on these days.  Hardly time to do much
 but watch the games.  At least for Arvid and Sniff.

The other day we went to the Mall.  Definitely
 not the same.  Let's just say it was like a ghost 
town. Business are hurting in a bad way.

Thursday not over as yet.  Neither is soccer.  
Who knows?  Maybe later we will go for a walk.  
As of right now it is still extremely hot out there.

Satan called.  He wants his weather back...