Jul 17, 2020

Too Early For This ~😴

There are three types or mornings: early, too early, 
and what the hell am I doing up now... 😴

Not 😴 exactly sure why I am awake at this hour,
💤  but here I am fully awake with several hours before
 the sun rises.  I do love mornings, but this is a little too
 early. Especially with no Sniff to keep me company.

The city is still lit up.  I get to enjoy a very early cup 
of coffee ⛾and the city lights at the same time.  I am happy, 
although I know I will be very tired very early this afternoon.
  According to Arvid I am, "screwing up the rhythm." 😂😁

I'm hoping to go back to bed, but as of now I am fully awake 😲
Good morning all.  Enjoy the day, here it's looking good.

I already want to take a nap tomorrow....