Mar 30, 2021

A New Beginning... Again

 The next chapter begins.  Every new beginning
 comes from some other beginning's end...

I am missing my home.  I really am.  I just don't understand it.  
I have gotten used to moving so often with Arvid.  It has 
never affected me this way.  I'm sure it will soon  pass.

The above was my last look at what used to be our living room.

The above was our bedroom.  I loved our views
 and I enjoyed our time there.  I did not want it to
 come to an end so soon.  I really liked it there.

Before leaving Fort Lauderdale we did go out and eat 
at 2 restaurants.  I insisted.  We went to Flip Flops for
 chicken wings and J Alexander's for a steak. 

Arvid is happy in Puerto Rico.  I won't say I'm 
unhappy.  It's just that I want to go back to what
 was my home.  My home will always be Florida.

The last three nights in Fort Lauderdale were spent at
 Holiday Isle Yacht Club.  This was where Arvid lived when
 we first met.  As he said, we have come full circle. Holiday Isle 
is beautiful, but I am glad we did not live there for too long.

It has rained quite a lot since we arrived,
 but luckily for us mostly during the night and early
 hours of the morning.  We have been very busy 
for the last month and a half.  I am tired.

Sniff has not adjusted as yet.  He has been sneezing a 
lot and not eating well.  Of course I am worried, stressed 
and makes me want to go back home even more.  Except 
we no longer have a home in Fort Lauderdale 😢

I do love Puerto Rico.  The people, the food, the beauty. 
 Everything about it is great, but home is Florida.  In the 
meantime, we will enjoy our time here because one day 
when we have to leave I will also be very sad.  Life.  We 
make it complicated when it really is very simple.

You've got a new story to write.
  And it looks nothing like your past...