Mar 28, 2021

There Is A Sadness In My Heart ~

 A little step may be the beginning of a great journey...

 I am not sure how ready I was for this.  I thought I would 
handle moving again as easily as we normally do.  After all, we 
move more than anyone we know.  We move more than "normal"
   Arvid always says, "this is our final move" yet here we are moving
 again.  I say now, "THIS IS NOT OUR FINAL MOVE."

I feel as sad as that teddy bear looks.  Who knows by the 
time this blog is posted we may have already moved.  Thank
 you climate change for "scaring" the hell out of Arvid.

I thought when Arvid talked about climate change that 
it was just a joke.  I played along.  I agreed that it's coming, 
but I don't know if I really expected this.  I did not realize
 at the time that we would be saying goodbye to Florida.
I am tired of saying goodbye,  This goodbye is not easy.

This is more difficult for me than for Arvid.
I did not want to leave my home.  Did not 😢

Goodbye doesn't mean the end, it does not say forever.
It just means that we will soon meet again.  That's a promise...