Sep 26, 2014


Never mind those failures till yesterday.
 Each new day is a sequel of a wonderful life; gifted with hopes to succeed..,

Ever since I have had thyroid surgery, and had all my thyroids removed my body has been 
really going through some extreme changes.  Most are not to my liking.  My 
metabolism has slowed down, I mean way slow.  I am constantly tired and 
have no desire to do much or to go anywhere.  Have ZERO energy.

Like as if this is not bad enough, I have been gaining weight.  Probably have gained a little 
over 10lbs since I started the new dosage of my thyroid medication. This is really
 frustrating because I just don't have the energy to even use our elliptical machine. 
 I go on it and in 10 minutes I just want to collapse and sit down.

As if that was not enough, I have developed rashes on my body.  Dry, dry is my skin. 
 Arvid who always said I had the softest of skins will soon have to change his mind on that.

My next blood test is coming up soon.  Hopefully the doctor will be better able to 
get me the right dosage on my medication.  I have heard from many who have already 
gone through this that it takes a while before that balance is established.  I have to learn 
like everyone to wait and to accept that some things cannot be rushed.  Difficult for me,
but not impossible.  In the meantime, I hope in one of my mood swings I don't kill someone.

Currently I just feel ugly, fat and irritated a lot.  On a good note, it is Friday already.
Brutus has already taken his first dosage of his pill so that struggle is done with until later
 this afternoon.  I feel so terrible doing this to him, but I keep telling myself its for his own good.

We have had an early start of the weekend.  Dinner with friends at our
favorite restaurant always brightens up ones perspective.

Friday morning.  Not sure what the weekend holds, but I am sure that we
will have a good time.  Brutus has already had his morning pills
so that means that the day is already looking good.

To all a good weekend.  It's a brand new day
filled with all kinds of possibilities.

Man starts over again everyday, 
in spite of all he knows, against all he knows...