Sep 12, 2014

The Dine-In Movie Experience...

I love going to the movies; I love watching good movie actors. 
They must know something I don't...

Thursday had a little twist to it.  Around 4:30 pm Arvid all of a sudden asks me if 
I would like to go to the movies.  I love going to the movies so was pleasantly surprised 
when he asked.  Of course I said yes.  I googled all movies showing  at the AMC Coral Ridge 
Theater close to us.  His only request was that it not be too late since he had to come back home
 and watch his TV shows.  Not a problem.  The earliest movie was at 5:10.  Gave us a short time
to get ready and go, but we are fas so we did not need much time.  Even got to the theater by 5pm.

We have been to this movie theater many a times before, but we have not been there 
since they underwent a complete transformation.  We got there and after Arvid bought the 
tickets the girl said,  " you will be going to the suite section."  That meant we were going 
into the section with the reclynable chairs.  The other section did not recline.  They just had 
rocking chairs.  I was happy with either section.  A big improvement from the previous chairs.

The experience did not stop there.  The theater was transformed into a dining experience
 as well.  Beer on tap was also on the menu.  I went to the counter to buy some pop corn and 
was told that all I had to do was go inside, sit and press on the call button and a waitress
 will appear.  Well we did just that and before you know it she was there.

Arvid was super excited because they served all kinds of beer on tap.  
There is also an entire menu of all kinds of foods.  I already saw what 
will soon become a favorite. Yep they had chicken wings.

The movie we saw may have not been that great, granted it had a lot of funny stuff going on, 
but the entire dining in experience at the movie theater sure was great. 

 I really believe it will soon become a very frequented spot for Arvid and I. 
 We were both pleasantly surprised by the entire thing.  Needless to say,  I see 
a lot more movies in our future.  I love going to the movies, so already happy.

This kind of dining experience at the movie theater already exists in many places.
For us it is a new thing and the fact that it is only five minutes from home makes it even better.

Good morning to all.  Let the weekend begin.
Beautiful day here in Fort Lauderdale and Brutus is all ready to help.

Show me something different, along with loyalty and respect.
And you will have me swept off my feet...