Sep 9, 2014

Home Again...

We didn't realize we were making memories.
We just knew we were having fun...

Usually when I go away from home I always look forward to coming back.  Leaving
Rima and family was sad, then anytime I leave from one of their homes it is
always a sad day.  Made it home fine and I guess Arvid really missed me. 
He always surprises me inside of the terminal by sneaking up behind me.
  Last night Ir really looked for him, but did not see him. 
 All of a sudden there he was hugging me really tight.

Nothing more beautiful than looking out from the window and seeing "home" knowing I 
will soon see Arvid and Brutus again.  Fort Lauderdale at night from the plane is an awesome view.

The ones I miss the most are Lilly and Dexter.  Both are just too cuddly.  Dexter just 
waits to be picked up and carried around all over the place.  Lots of good memories made.

Arvid and Brutus are all lovey dovey today.  Guess they missed me.  Arvid said to me
"I saved a lot of money you know.  I ate for 3 days for under $20.00.  Now that you
are back we have to go out and do stuff and spend some money on ourselves."
He is funny, but as long as he feels this way, at least for now..well 

Home again and as you can see, there is always something going on.
Wishing you all a good day and may you always live in interesting times.

Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them...